The Quote That Killed The Deal – And The One That Snagged It

2 04 2009

Every serious lead is imminent business until proven otherwise, in any market condition. In today’s economy, business owners would agree that those leads are even more critical. Yet, as closing a deal comes down to the wire, we’ve come across many dealerships that bypass obvious opportunity to stand out from the competition. In some cases, at the management level, but predominantly, within the sales organization.

The issue seems to be recurrent and often out of sheer oversight. Another major reason is the lack of belief in the power of perception.

When a buyer looks to acquire an expensive piece of equipment, they not only size up available inventory, but more importantly, the dealers behind it. They want to transact with serious, well established, professional suppliers who offer and stand behind quality products.

The kind of supplier you want to do business with, you can rely on and trust.

Once you’ve made the short list, a seemingly small detail that could paint you as unprofessional or non trustworthy becomes the ultimate ‘Deal Killer’.

A key, image-laden opportunity – and risk in the selling process is the equipment quotation. Many deals can be lost to the competition at this stage of the transaction. But not because of price.

Sales teams produce, issue, fax and email quotes to prospective buyers every day. The quote is an important document that carries a dealer’s brand identity and is a clear reflection of their organization. Often, it is also the last opportunity to build trust and impress a decision maker who is most likely screening three or more quotes simultaneously, each vying to seal the deal.

It’s hard to argue that with all variables being equal, such as equipment age, price range and, condition, that the most professional quote – and the dealer behind it would not win.

Yes, it’s the image the dealer projects, that can make or break the deal. And this is not one to leave to chance.

Quotes are branding vehicles that have tremendous reach and impact. It’s critical that each and every quote professionally represent your dealership. Visual appeal, presentation, photos and more importantly, an error and typo free document are an absolute must. A seemingly small issue (typo or grammatical error) says a lot about your dealership, such as your attention to detail and professionalism. Progressive dealers have a deep appreciation for this issue, and have processes and systems in place that are simple yet highly effective to help them capitalize on this opportunity.

Automating the quotation process does not only increase productivity, but it’s also a fool proof way to eliminate common, unnecessary errors and enable your sales organization to present consistent, professional, reassuring quotes every time – so you can snag that deal!

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About The Author:

Mark Fuller manages Point2 Technologies’ global sales for the company’s heavy equipment dealer inventory management, sales and marketing software platform, Point2 Manager.




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