How SCRUM Can Help Your Business

29 04 2008

SCRUM is an advanced software development process that will help your business, albeit working its wonders from behind the scenes.

Technology innovation is what helps heavy equipment dealers around the world better manage equipment inventories and market their used machines effectively on the Internet. It allows dealer teams to access up to date product inventory, photos and detailed information on their Blackberry devices or other PDAs, essentially leaving a less equipped competitor in the dust.

Point2 just appointed Zach Scott to the position of CTO, which means more such innovation at an even faster pace can be expected by our customers.

And how does this directly affect you?

Software development lies at the heart of building and maintaining cutting edge technology, like Point2’s Manager Mobile. Scott has recently introduced to Point2 the SCRUM software development process, which promises just that.

We’d love to hear your questions or thoughts on how you are using technology in your dealership. And if you’d like an online demo of how dealers across North America are using Point2 Manager to streamline inventory management and enhance sales and marketing, drop us a note at mfuller @ point2 . com.


Trade In Headaches

10 04 2008

Heavy Equipment dealers across the board are always looking at increasing productivity and profits, as the market is not helping much lately. It seems equipment trade-in assessments and valuations are turning into a real business pain. In talking to a few dealers over the past few weeks, many still have to suffer through duplicate data entry on their business system and website. Sales and admin teams each have their own way of capturing trade-in equipment condition information, stats and specs. I still can’t get over the fact that some sales people still write up trade-ins on a sheet of paper and haul it into admin to enter the information into the system. The assessment of the vehicle and hence its value / price is done purely based on experience and judgement. Often too, someone else then enters the machine data into the company’s website. Needless to say, data is inconsistent and the process is tedious and counterproductive at best.

Any real war stories related to vehicle/ equipment assessment you’d like to share? One dealer seems to have the issue sorted out, using simple technology [click here to read…] Keen to hear what others have done and what systems you are using.


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Refresher Courses available on Sales and Marketing Tools

4 04 2008

This is a general invitation to all our Point2 Manager and Express users to contact Support for additional training on our software.  So whether it is:









Contact Support, and we’ll get you and your people to get you up to speed.  Eve Marshall, Point2 Customer Support eve @ 888-955-7900 / 306-955-1855