How Important is Your Company Website?

10 10 2007

What kind of emphasis and importance do you place on a website for your business? Your customers and prospective customers will get a distinct impression of your business from your online presence.  So what is your website telling people about your company?


Consider your website as your Online Store Front.  What does the customer-facing area of your business look like? Put that same level attention and effort into your website.  Your customers are going online more and more, and they expect you to be there. If you’re not, you can be sure that your competitors are.


Often I get the impression that a Website is not at the top of a dealer/contractor/business’ priority list, and I wonder why? I know the answer is that it doesn’t generate immediate gains and returned value.  However, if you think big picture and consider the long-term and potential increased business, it’s enormous! Those companies that have a well-designed, advanced website were industry leaders. Their site’s look great because they’ve taken time to mature and build content and stay with or even ahead of industry trends. 


So where do you begin? As you may have noticed, I like making things simple, easy tips or tricks that require a small effort but can have a huge impact.  I found the following articles very informative and straight-forward. 


This article describes the importance of a website to small and local business – they say “people expect it”:


And when considering the content of your site, this article give 7 items to keep in mind:


Finally, remember that you’re in business to build, sell equipment, source equipment, etc, not to do Web Design.  Save yourself a lot of time and headaches and leave it to the experts! Do you think a web designers would try to build their home themselves? Unlikely! 😉


Good Selling!


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