Simple is not easy

30 08 2007

Building software and online solutions that are intuitive and extremely easy to use is NOT an easy feat.  At Point2 Technologies we strive for this in every piece of web-based software (also known as Software as a Service SaaS), and online marketplace we develop… we know our audience appreciates software and online applications that do not take a computer wizard to use.  We have dedicated “Usability Experts” that are trained in Human Computer Interaction (HCI).  These individuals demand a lot from our developers when it comes to ease-of-use.

On this note, our staff of 100 watched a TED talks video this week that really hit this fact home… New York Times technology columnist David Pogue talks about When it comes to tech, simplicity sells. .  It’s a playful and fun ~20 minute video that I think you’ll not only get a kick out of, but you will also learn something from.  And it may not just be tech that needs to focus on simple… maybe machine manufacturers can glean something from this ‘simple’ concept.



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