Salesmen Hate Technology

20 07 2007

Alright, maybe not ‘hate’ but I often hear dealer management say, ‘I can barely get them to turn on their computer” or “they resist any change we try to implement.”  Comments like that make me wonder what is the role of technology in our industry?


My name is Laura Watson.  I am the Commercial Manager here at Point2 for our Heavy Equipment products.  I came to Point2 last summer from a dealership where I experienced first hand the change from paper to online, from manual to automated.  This is the first in a multi-part series where I will look at how technology has influenced this industry and where it’s going to go from here.  I encourage comments and feedback.  Give me your 2 cents about the trends and impact of technology in a very old-school, traditional industry. 


I think most agree that technology can make our lives easier, it helps businesses to save time and money, there are numerous Six-Sigma studies to prove that.  But there is the common belief in this business that you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, so the Heavy Equipment industry (full of “old dogs”) has been slow to adopt. 


That’s not to say that technology has not already infiltrated our industry.  Can you remember a time before cell phones? Salesmen were unreachable if they were in their territory. That’s unthinkable in 2007! And remember sourcing equipment before online marketplaces like,, Well then, it was paging through magazines, or picking up the phone and calling the contacts in your network. 


We live in an information age, where information is demanded right here, right now.  Cell phones, laptops, blackberries, email – all tools designed to give you instant, up-to-date access to information.  Online marketplaces and dealer website listings exist because customers want to know what is in stock right now, and when they pick up the phone, they don’t want to wait for a call back because they’re on to the next piece of equipment that matches their needs. 


So how do you keep up? How do you determine what is truly going to help your business and what is just a fad? How do you get your sales team and personnel to change the way they’ve been doing things for years?


In the next part, I’ll look at how a dealer chooses technology, software programs and hardware for their sales force. 


I look forward to hearing from you. 


Best Regards,


Laura Watson

Commercial Manager

Point2 Technologies, Inc.

888.955.7900 || 604.675.9393 ext 228

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