Auction, Consign or sell Online

6 07 2007

End Users (from contractors to mining companies to farmers) are faced with this question when they consider disposing of no-longer-needed-equipment; Auction, Consign or sell Online?  Or perhaps trading your equipment, if you’re looking to upgrade, is another option… but what if you just want to sell a unit or two; or your entire fleet?

We believe all three answers are correct; it just depends on your situation.  Do you need to sell immediately?  If so, perhaps auction is the best.  Are you equipped with people or the time to answer questions and negotiate terms to sale?  If so, perhaps selling online will work for you.  Do you have a strong relationship with your local dealer(s) that sold you the machine in the first place?  If so, perhaps consigning the machine is your best option.  We know of lots of dealers that do a great job in this department.

Obviously here at Point2 we like the idea of selling online… after all, we’ve been helping the most progressive dealers and end users/contractors do it for over a decade.  And with‘s 3,000 visits a day and nearly 10,000 machine views a day, sellers are moving machines pretty rapidly on the site (note: we even let end users/contractors list up to 5 units for free! Click here if you’re interested)

In addition to, a couple companies we know have experienced great success with marketing and selling online:

TeckCominco – World leader in the production of zinc and metallurgical coal and a significant producer of copper, gold and specialty metals.  Approximately 5 years ago Teck launched and now it’s their primary method of selling no-longer-needed-equipment/parts and miscellaneous products from any of their mining sites around the world

Peter Kiewit – Kiewit Corporation is ranked in the top 10 of Engineering News-Record (ENR) magazine’s Top 400 Contractors list. Kiewit earned the number seven spot on the list.  Kiewit actively sells excess equipment on their website

Caterpillar – Caterpillar launched 5 years ago and the marketplace has steadily grown in popularity and traffic for Caterpillar dealers around the world.  And since is “Powered by Point2,” we think it’s a pretty rockin equipment marketplace!

Interested in more details on auctioning equipment?  Visit (they have an auction nearly every day!) and (they have auctions every 2 weeks).

If consigning is more favorable, contact your local dealer(s) and ask them about their terms and conditions!

If you have an opinion or comment, please feel free to share it.

The P2HE Team




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15 08 2007
Robert kincaid

i need to sell heavy equipment parts

22 07 2013
23 07 2013

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