Where in the world

23 07 2007

Curious about where visitors to UsedIron.com are from in the world?  Here is the country break down of visitors to the site

1-United States


3-United Kingdom












15-Saudi Arabia


17-United Arab Emirates

18-New Zealand











29-South Korea

















46-South Africa

47-Trinidad and Tobago




NOTE: Stats are collected from Google Analytics and reflect results from May 1st, 2007 to July 23rd, 2007

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Salesmen Hate Technology

20 07 2007

Alright, maybe not ‘hate’ but I often hear dealer management say, ‘I can barely get them to turn on their computer” or “they resist any change we try to implement.”  Comments like that make me wonder what is the role of technology in our industry?


My name is Laura Watson.  I am the Commercial Manager here at Point2 for our Heavy Equipment products.  I came to Point2 last summer from a dealership where I experienced first hand the change from paper to online, from manual to automated.  This is the first in a multi-part series where I will look at how technology has influenced this industry and where it’s going to go from here.  I encourage comments and feedback.  Give me your 2 cents about the trends and impact of technology in a very old-school, traditional industry. 


I think most agree that technology can make our lives easier, it helps businesses to save time and money, there are numerous Six-Sigma studies to prove that.  But there is the common belief in this business that you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, so the Heavy Equipment industry (full of “old dogs”) has been slow to adopt. 


That’s not to say that technology has not already infiltrated our industry.  Can you remember a time before cell phones? Salesmen were unreachable if they were in their territory. That’s unthinkable in 2007! And remember sourcing equipment before online marketplaces like UsedIron.com, Machinerytrader.com, Rockanddirt.com? Well then, it was paging through magazines, or picking up the phone and calling the contacts in your network. 


We live in an information age, where information is demanded right here, right now.  Cell phones, laptops, blackberries, email – all tools designed to give you instant, up-to-date access to information.  Online marketplaces and dealer website listings exist because customers want to know what is in stock right now, and when they pick up the phone, they don’t want to wait for a call back because they’re on to the next piece of equipment that matches their needs. 


So how do you keep up? How do you determine what is truly going to help your business and what is just a fad? How do you get your sales team and personnel to change the way they’ve been doing things for years?


In the next part, I’ll look at how a dealer chooses technology, software programs and hardware for their sales force. 


I look forward to hearing from you. 


Best Regards,


Laura Watson

Commercial Manager

Point2 Technologies, Inc.

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lwatson @ point2.com


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UsedIron.com; over 29,000 machines for sale, thousands of buyers a day!

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73 companies, 120 days

16 07 2007

2007 is shaping up to be an impressive growth year for Point2 in our heavy equipment division. 73 companies (primarily dealers) have chosen Point2 solutions since early March of this year… setting us off on a nice pace.

All of us at Point2 would like to extend a hearty ‘Welcome aboard‘ to new clients, and a big ‘Thank you‘ to our longtime loyal customers.

We are excited to expand the already impressive list of progressive equipment dealers and large contractors using Point2 MANAGER (our flagship enterprise solution). We have exciting plans to enhance the product according to creative demands from current and prospective customers. Look for some awesome new functionality and tools over the rest of 2007!

UsedIron Express (our paid advertising program on UsedIron.com) has experienced significant growth as well, with many clients choosing the program in order to take advantage of the thousands of visitors a day that visit UsedIron.com (click here for recent Traffic Updates to UsedIron.com). The marketplace now contains nearly 30,000 units of inventory from our sellers around the world.

To our clients; thank you for your business!

To those interested in learning more, give us a call or send us an email. We have daily demo sessions that will give you all the inside information on all of our solutions for dealers, manufacturers, and contractors.

Chester Hagen


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Powering progressive dealers! – http://manager.point2.com/

UsedIron.com; over 29,000 machines for sale, thousands of buyers a day!

We create innovative technologies that empower our customers to lead their field

Auction, Consign or sell Online

6 07 2007

End Users (from contractors to mining companies to farmers) are faced with this question when they consider disposing of no-longer-needed-equipment; Auction, Consign or sell Online?  Or perhaps trading your equipment, if you’re looking to upgrade, is another option… but what if you just want to sell a unit or two; or your entire fleet?

We believe all three answers are correct; it just depends on your situation.  Do you need to sell immediately?  If so, perhaps auction is the best.  Are you equipped with people or the time to answer questions and negotiate terms to sale?  If so, perhaps selling online will work for you.  Do you have a strong relationship with your local dealer(s) that sold you the machine in the first place?  If so, perhaps consigning the machine is your best option.  We know of lots of dealers that do a great job in this department.

Obviously here at Point2 we like the idea of selling online… after all, we’ve been helping the most progressive dealers and end users/contractors do it for over a decade.  And with UsedIron.com‘s 3,000 visits a day and nearly 10,000 machine views a day, sellers are moving machines pretty rapidly on the site (note: we even let end users/contractors list up to 5 units for free! Click here if you’re interested)

In addition to UsedIron.com, a couple companies we know have experienced great success with marketing and selling online:

TeckCominco – World leader in the production of zinc and metallurgical coal and a significant producer of copper, gold and specialty metals.  Approximately 5 years ago Teck launched www.MiningSurplus.com and now it’s their primary method of selling no-longer-needed-equipment/parts and miscellaneous products from any of their mining sites around the world

Peter Kiewit – Kiewit Corporation is ranked in the top 10 of Engineering News-Record (ENR) magazine’s Top 400 Contractors list. Kiewit earned the number seven spot on the list.  Kiewit actively sells excess equipment on their website http://www.kiewit.com/business/equipment/EquipSearch.asp

Caterpillar – Caterpillar launched CatUsed.com 5 years ago and the marketplace has steadily grown in popularity and traffic for Caterpillar dealers around the world.  And since CatUsed.com is “Powered by Point2,” we think it’s a pretty rockin equipment marketplace!

Interested in more details on auctioning equipment?  Visit www.rbauction.com (they have an auction nearly every day!) and www.ironplanet.com (they have auctions every 2 weeks).

If consigning is more favorable, contact your local dealer(s) and ask them about their terms and conditions!

If you have an opinion or comment, please feel free to share it.

The P2HE Team