Unload an Excavator like this

27 06 2007

We cannot always be talking business… check out this YouTube video on a rather unique method of unloading an excavator – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE02TxLlRQU (Thai style!)

The P2HE Team!


UsedIron.com turns on Blogs

20 06 2007

We would like to welcome our 2,300+ visitors/day on UsedIron.com to the Point2 Heavy Equipment (P2HE) Blog.  This is just one more way in which we communicate to current and prospective customers… and starting today, June 20th 2007, to visitors on UsedIron.com. 

We live and breath this topic of heavy equipment sales and marketing; and we love it!  

Feel free to peruse all the Blog posts (we started this in May 2006) and comment on any (we read every comment!).  In addition, feel free to contact us to learn more about Point2 and our products for the heavy equipment industry.

The P2HE Team!

Time Wasted?

12 06 2007

How much time is spent by management and admin personnel at your dealership answering calls and emails from sales people? Calls/emails that may just be unnecessary

Calls/emails to sales managers
Calls/emails to the used equipment manager
Calls/emails to branch managers and the rental manager

Calls/emails that ask:

  • What’s the current location of this machine?
  • How long is the rental out for?
  • What are the exact hours on this machine?
  • Can you tell me the condition of the tires/undercarriage on this machine?
  • Email me current pictures of this machine?
  • Which customer is that machine rented to? Can we swap it for another one?
  • What potential trade-in units are available that may fit my customer’s need if we don’t have an in-inventory unit that matches?
  • What final selling price can I go to?

If you’re in management at your dealership you’ve likely heard all these questions, plus many more!

Can all these calls be stopped? No, not all. But how about reducing these calls by 50%? … or 75%?

Imagine if managers could do more “managing”, salesmen could do more “selling”, and administrators could do more “administering”

Does it sound too good to be true or maybe unreasonable?

Well it may not be… imagine if you’re dealership had a system that stored all this information, was always up-to-date, always accurate and always accessible… a system that was very easy to use by management AND salesmen. Imagine if that system was available online all the time; from the office, from home, or from a mobile device.

Your dealership could look to build a system like this, or you could look to an external supplier … or you could look at a solution that many of the most progressive dealers are already using; Point2 MANAGER.

If you’re an interested dealer, or if you’re a current customer that would like to learn more, I invite you to take a no obligation demo with one of our sales executives to learn more about Point2 MANAGER… you’ll see how it improves the efficiency of your sales process.

Chester Hagen


Chester Hagen – chagen @ point2.com
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on CNN it is Money!

4 06 2007

The Construction Equipment magazine article (front page April 07 issue) is on CNN Money

UsedIron.com (Point2 owned and hosted) is highlighted in the article, along with other online marketplaces, as an optimum website for buying and selling construction equipment online.

CNNMoney headline: Click you Own it!  Online opportunities abound in today’s market for buying and selling construction equipment — but old-fashioned due diligence is still required–Wait! It’s Your Cash–Tips to Avoid Seller Scams

Additional quotes from the article:

Contractors increasingly are using the Internet to research and purchase equipment, says Chester Hagen, vice president of sales for Point2 Technologies, which created on “online marketplace” (UsedIron.com) in 1996. Much of the research is done in the evenings or on weekends, says Hagen, either directly on dealer websites or via listing-aggregation sites, which collect listings from multiple websites. UsedIron.com, says Hagen, each day generates around 10,000 detailed views, each representing a potential buyer who has viewed information for a specific machine.

“Contractors are demanding rich content in the form of more photos, descriptions, conditions and details,” says Hagen. “And sellers who provide this content can expect to receive more inquiries than those who use fewer photos and less information. The ease of use, speed and accessibility [of online research and buying] have changed this business forever.”

And we’ll take the liberty up front of passing on a bit of advice offered by nearly everyone we contacted: Use good judgment when buying and selling machines online. Perhaps Point2 Technologies’ Hagen says it best: “Buying equipment online should be done with the same due diligence as buying offline.”


Among the listing-aggregation websites, which bring buyers and sellers together to transact business on their own, is Point2 Technologies’ UsedIron.com. According to vice president of sales, Chester Hagen, machine listings on UsedIron.com originate from a number of sources, including dealers using the company’s Point2 MANAGER inventory-management system; contractors (who may advertise up to five machines free of charge on the site); and syndication partners, such as online auction services and other listing-aggregation sites looking for additional exposure.

“UsedIron employs a proprietary monitoring system for all Free UsedIron Premium Ads [those placed by end-users] to eliminate fraudulent sellers,” says Hagen, “and to keep data accurate and reputable for buyers on the site.” 

Don’t hesitate to contact us (or myself directly) if you have any questions; or would like to begin working with us.

Chester Hagen


Chester Hagen – chagen @ point2.com
Vice President Sales || Point2 Technologies Inc.
888.955.7900 toll free || 306.955.1855 outside N.A.


 Powering progressive dealers! – http://manager.point2.com 

UsedIron.com; over 20,000 machines for sale, thousands of buyers a day – http://usediron.point2.com

We create innovative technologies that empower our customers to lead their field