Microsoft and your cell phone

31 05 2007

What should your cell/mobile phone do?  Send and receive calls; of course!  Send and receive text/SMS messages; sure!  Store contacts’ names and phone numbers; yes! How about a mobile phone that does a whole lot more than that!?  How about a mobile phone that stores your entire inventory of New machines, Rental Fleet, Used Equipment, and Attachment inventory?… complete with full photo libraries of each machine, condition reports, up-to-date machine location and availability status, plus a whole lot more!  How about a cell phone that connects seamlessly to Microsoft Outlook for direct access to your calendar, your business and personal contacts, your email and any other details you rely on in Outlook? 

Recently, we were checking out Microsoft’s website for the most current devices from carriers across the globe.  Regardless of whether you’re in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, can help guide you to the best device for your needs.  Check out this link for more details in your country.

Now, once you’ve found a Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone that fits your needs, your budget, and is available through your cell phone provider, talk to your Point2 contact to discuss how Point2 Manager Mobile can help you seamlessly store, and retrieve, your entire dealership inventory on your device.  Point2’s proprietary software product; Point2 Manager Mobile (formerly LARGO) is available through our Point2 MANAGER product. 

NOTE: Be sure to talk to your Point2 contact before purchasing your Smartphone or Pocket PC phone to ensure compatibility with Point2 Manager Mobile. 

Chester Hagen


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