Left dealership to join Point2

2 04 2007

In my post last week I talked about “your customers and what they want” and I introduced the acronym that we talk about every day at Point2 – AACT data (Accurate, Attractive, Complete, Timely). The basis of the post was to highlight how end users want, even demand, AACT data. Perhaps we should look one step further to your salesmen. After all, it’s your salesmen that are in contact with your customers. If your customers want Accurate, Attractive, Complete, Timely data; then your salesman should have it in their hands!

Do we know what we’re talking about at Point2? Well, three members of our front line team came from dealerships. Furthermore, one worked within a major equipment manufacturer and another just recently joined Point2 after witnessing first hand the impact of Point2 solutions at the dealership she worked at. She came from a very large dealership with dozens of branches and over one hundred salesmen. She has been telling the “Point2 impact story” to every dealer she talks to since she joined the Point2 team. Recently, an email exchange with a prospective dealer caught my eye. She said…

“When I saw the impact Point2 solutions had at ______(previous employer): how much more efficient, organized and professional the salesmen became, how much it helped our marketing efforts corporately and reduced overhead costs – I knew that every dealer in North America could benefit in the same way. That’s why I came to Point2!”

When I read that paragraph, four things jump out at me:

1 – Efficient

2 – Organized

3 – Professional

4 – Reduced Costs

Now those are results that every dealer executive wants!

Want to learn more? Want to do more? Talk to us… we’ve been helping dealers and sellers for more than a decade!

Note: In early March I wrote a post on Six Sigma methodology that’s similar to this post – https://manager.wordpress.com/2007/03/01/thursday-march-1-point2-solves-six-sigma-uncovered-sales-problem



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