Point2 solves Six Sigma uncovered sales problem

1 03 2007

Hi this is Chester. One of our Senior Sales Executives and I were speaking recently with a large OEM dealer who’s looking at Point2 MANAGER as the solution to a problem, or should we say opportunity, uncovered by a Six Sigma project. This dealer worked with their OEM’s Six Sigma personnel (green belts, black belts etc.) to analyze their sales effectiveness and look for ways to improve the sales performance of each salesman and the overall dealership. Four of the dealership’s best salesmen were involved in the study. After several days of analysis; tracking salesmen activity, documenting process and workflows (from prospect identified all the way to deal completed, machine(s) delivered, and paperwork and payment completed) it was identified that the biggest opportunity for improvement was in the “speed” and “quality of information” available to the salesmen; and ultimately the customer.

Question: Could this be an opportunity for improvement at your dealership as well?

Point2 MANAGER is the solution to these problems. A dealer that puts Point2 to work and fully utilizes the suite’s tools will have equipped his salesmen with both “speed” and “quality of information.” Imagine a salesman who doesn’t need to phone back to the branch(es), or worse; leave the customer, to get machine information… Imagine a salesman who has immediate access to all inventory info while he’s standing with his customer…. he has complete access to machine condition, up-to-date photos, exact machine hours, correct status of the machine (available, rented…), today’s location of the machine… plus more. Point2 MANAGER (and Point2 Largo; the handheld PDA solution) means your sales team (including your best salesmen) is vastly improved in their effectiveness of connecting with customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can take greater advantage of the Point2 system, please contact your Account Manager, or our support team at sales @ point2.com. Thanks again for being a valued customer of Point2 and we’ll continue to keep you updated on all that’s happening. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email… anytime!



Chester Hagen – chagen @ point2.com
Vice President Sales || Point2 Technologies Inc.
888.955.7900 toll free || 306.955.1855 outside N.A.

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2 04 2007
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