Wednesday, October 18th – Blog? Blog!

18 10 2006

Blog? What’s a blog? Hi, this is Eve from Support and we have a great feature for Point2 Manager and Express clients – BLOGGING. That is short for weblog and it is like a journal or newsletter that is frequently updated and available to you, the user. It is a neat way for our users to add their 2 cents worth to the ongoing blogs. Blogging creates a community where all the users are able to add their feedback, experiences, suggestions and/or questions on the industry.

Click on the MORE link of the blog you want to read. At the bottom of the blog, you have the option to LEAVE A COMMENT. Fill in the blanks, add your comments and click SUBMIT COMMENT – voila! You are now part of the blogging community of Point2 users.

If you have any question or comments on this process, please contact us at Support. Happy blogging! Eve Marshall, Point2 Client Support, eve @ 888-955-7900 / 306-955-1855




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