Wednesday, September 27th – Get the word out.

27 09 2006

Hi, this is Eve from Client Support.  Scenario:  You have a customer looking for a wheel loader spec’d out with some options you don’t have in stock and as in most cases, the client wants it yesterday.  So you have a couple of choices; you can spend a few days on the phone playing telephone tag with all your contacts to see if they have something in inventory or you can send a message out over the wire.

Solution:  Have your Used Equipment Department place a Want Ad on Point2.  Simply log into the Members Area, place your request and it’s emailed to hundreds of equipment sellers worldwide that have specifically requested to receive these leads.  Your request is posted on’s website too.  The best part is that only the sellers with something to talk to you about respond.  Whether you are looking for machines, attachments or parts – Want Ads get the message out.

Eve Marshall, Point2 Client Support, eve @ point2. com 888-955-7900 / 306-955-1855


Tuesday September 19th – Tell me about customers TODAY!!!

19 09 2006

Hi, this is Chester.  We’ve been conducting a survey on with equipment buyers.  The responses to our questions has been very insightful and we hope it gives you a view into the minds and behavior of today’s equipment buyer!  Here are just a few of the results.

55% of respondents have purchased a machine they saw online

41% said that ‘Accurate Condition’ was the most important consideration when purchasing a piece of equipment; followed by ‘Price’ at 26% and ‘Photos’ at 17%.  ‘Distance from my location’ was least important with just 2% of survey respondents selecting this option.

91% use email ‘Daily’ (no surprise here!  We’re in a connected world!)

53% own between 2 and 30 pieces of equipment.

84% are online searching for machines for sale more often than ‘A few times a week.’ (46% ‘Everyday’, 13% ‘Once a week’, and 25% ‘A few times a week’)

Survey respondents were comprised of General Contractors, Heavy Industry Contractors, Mining Companies, Demo/Scrap/Waste Contractors, Forestry COntractors, Government Contractors, Ag, Oil & Gas Contractors etc.

Keeping your ‘For Sale’ inventory up-to-date, accurate, and complete with full descriptions/photos/condition is best and most easily managed using Point2 MANAGER!  Contact our Client Support team to learn how you can better connect with customers on AND your dealer website. 

Start with Eve Marshall (eve @ or 888-955-7900) and in no time you’ll see results!

Thanks again for being a valued customer of Point2 and we’ll continue to keep you up to speed on all that’s happening.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email… anytime!



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Tuesday, September 12th – Get a list of your inventory to go!

13 09 2006

Hi, this is Eve from Support.  SCENARIO:  You are heading out to see customers all day long and you want to be able to take an inventory list with you on the road.  You want it up to date with pricing, availability and location, as well as how the units are spec’d out.

Solution:  Before you hit the road, print a current and accurate inventory list of your equipment (with a thumbnail photo option) quickly and easily with Point2 Manager.  You can sort the information in different ways and refine the list to include only the units that interest you.  These lists can be emailed, faxed and save to your desktop.

Take this one step further and install Point2 LARGO on a PDA with your entire inventory (details, features and up to EIGHT PHOTOS) – now that’s power at your finger tips.Give Support a call me if you have any questions on inventory lists or any of the other marketing tools available in Point2 Manager.

Eve Marshall Point2Manager Client Support eve @ 888-955-7900 306-955-1855