Wednesday August 2nd – July stats for

2 08 2006

Hi, this is Chester.  Here is an updates on our ongoing success with

July 2006 was a typical summer month on UsedIron with traffic dipping slightly.  In my eight years at Point2 we consistently see traffic dip during July and August.  Regardless, over 115,028 visitor sessions recorded, accumulating over 1.1 Million Page Views (there were over 5.3 million hits if you count in “hits”).

As always, Google was the #1 referring site; sending 34,680 visitors to in July.  With over 16,000 machines for sale on we received 230,889 detailed views (that’s when a buyer actually looks at the details of a unit – picture of the unit and YOUR contact information).  These 230,889 detailed views resulted in 438 email leads to our sellers on actual units they own (this does NOT include “want to buy” emails, or “want ad” emails sent to our user list).  We do not track telephone calls so we can’t measure how many direct telephone calls occur to our customers during the month (hundreds we’re sure).

Thanks again for being a valued customer of Point2 and we’ll continue to keep you up to speed on all that’s happening.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email… anytime!



Chester Hagen – chagen @
Vice President Sales || Point2 Technologies Inc.
604.675.9321 Direct || 778.552.4151 Mobile – the best place on earth to find equipment – the best application to power an equipment business – the best place on earth to find a home – the best application to power a real estate business – the best marketing tool for residential home builders – the Caterpillar solution to used equipment distribution worldwide – Powered by Point2




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