Tuesday July 25th – Who owns Point2?

25 07 2006

Hi, this is Chester.  In the last couple weeks I’ve met with some current customers and some potential clients and I’ve been asked about our ownership structure.  Seems as though many in the industry have been led to believe that Caterpillar now owns Point2.  This is not true.  While Caterpillar is a very good and valued customer of ours, the ownership of our company is held solely in the hands of the original five shareholders and the employees of Point2.  So there you have it!

Thanks for being a valued customer and we’ll continue to keep you up to speed on all that’s happening.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email… anytime!



Chester Hagen – chagen @ point2.com
Vice President Sales || Point2 Technologies Inc.
604.675.9321 Direct || 778.552.4151 Mobile

http://usediron.point2.com – the best place on earth to find equipment
http://manager.point2.com – the best application to power an equipment business
http://homes.point2.com – the best place on earth to find a home
http://agent.point2.com – the best application to power a real estate business
http://builder.point2.com – the best marketing tool for residential home builders
http://catused.cat.com – the Caterpillar solution to used equipment distribution worldwide – Powered by Point2




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