Wednesday, July5th – Knee deep in equipment evaluations

5 07 2006

Hi, this is Eve from Support and I have a new one for you. 

Scenario:  It’s a smokin’ hot day, and you are baking in the middle of your customer’s site doing a Used Equipment evaluation on a backhoe he wants to trade in to your dealership.  You have a form to fill out that was designed to cover everything from an asphalt compactor to a wheel loader, it is pages long and half the stuff doesn’t apply to the backhoe.  The amount of time it is going to take to go through each of the fields on the form, record the condition of the applicable components plus make it legible – will have you standing out there getting fried by the sun for half the day.

Solution:  Use one of the customizable Data Gathering forms designed for each type of equipment.  In the Members area of Point2, chose the type of equipment you want an inspection on and print the data gathering forms yourself.  The forms are set up so you just have to go through and tick the condition of each item – New, Rebuilt, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and there is even room to make comments too.  These forms are customizable for each Dealer, so if you are not interested in the Alternator Condition – remove it.  If you want a separate category for Operator Environment, listing cab, seat, radio, stereo, air conditioning, etc., you can have it.  This way when anyone from your company goes out and looks at a backhoe, there will only be 30 odd items to check off (no writer’s cramp!) and consistent information being recorded company wide.  The upside to all this is you can give your Data Gathering form and photos to someone with a non-mechanical background to enter into the system.  The information can be added to Point2 and there is not a lot of deciphering to do – the screens in Point2 look the same as your revised form – we’re keeping it apples to apples.  Customization of these forms can be arranged through the Point2 lead contact at your company or call Support for more information.   

Eve Marshall, Point2 Client Support, eve @ point2. com 888-955-7900 / 306-955-1855




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