Thursday, June 22nd – How do you access ALL your inventory? New & Used?

22 06 2006

Hi, this is Eve from Client Support and I have another great suggestion for managing your equipment.  Scenario:  You have a customer interested in the new dozer you have sitting in the yard and you want to send them photos, details, specs, components available and more importantly – the price.  Where are you going to pull this marketing information together without going through a whole song and dance? 

Solution:  All your NEW equipment can be put in your Point2 database, listing how the unit in the yard is spec'd out or what‘s available for your customer to order from the factory.  Point2 understands that you may have territory restrictions on new equipment, that’s why we have a VISIBILITY option where you can make these NEW units NON-VISIBLE to the general public.   

Utilizing the Point2 software, along with your dealership’s new equipment quoting system, will allow you to get your customer a comprehensive package quickly and easily.  An added bonus is being able to export your Point2 database into an Excel spreadsheet or use Point2’s inventory list module, HOTSHEET.  Makes equipment management a snap and only takes a few moments.

Eve Marshall, Point2 Client Support, eve @ point2. com 888-955-7900 / 306-955-1855




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