Monday June 12th – Point2 customer speaks out!

12 06 2006

Hi, this Chester.  Received some great feedback from one of our customers late last week.  | | | |   It's coming up for 7 years since we had the very first opportunity to meet with Point2 representatives.I must say; initially I was apprehensive!I just did not believe that everything would work this well, this easy and be so ready and available for both the seller as well as the buyer.  Well, I never like admitting it but, Point2 after all this time, has never disappointed us with the broad coverage, the ease of creating new and adjusting existing ads. The best part of course is removing the add of a "SOLD" item.Seven years later, we are more than pleased with the results.We use the site extensively to attract prospects to our products and the feed back we receive from them is purely positive.It works for us, period!

Best regards,

Rolf Dolling
AVID Mining Supply Inc.

We'd love to hear more feedback and comments from all customers – please don't hesitate to tell us what's working well AND what we can improve on.

Thanks Rolf! 



Chester Hagen – chagen @
Vice President Sales || Point2 Technologies Inc.
604.675.9321 Direct || 778.552.4151 Mobile – the best place on earth to find equipment – the best application to power an equipment business – the best place on earth to find a home – the best application to power a real estate business – the best marketing tool for residential home builders – the Caterpillar solution to used equipment distribution worldwide – Powered by Point2




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