Tuesday, May23rd – Inventory lists for On the Go!

23 05 2006

Hi, this is Eve from Support and I wanted to introduce myself by way of some pretty cool marketing tools in Point2 Manager.  Having the necessary tools to help you sell equipment and do your job better is priority one. 

SCENARIO:  You’re flying down Route 66.  You get a call from a customer interested in an excavator.  This is a hot prospect, you want to tell him then and there, what's in your inventory.  With all the equipment in stock it’s tough to keep on top of what’s moving out the door and coming in the yard.  You don’t want to get back to him the next day, the next afternoon, the next hour – you want accurate information now, while you have him on the line, so you can do what you do best – land the deal.  The glitch is, without confidence in the equipment list you got last week, you need to check your excavator inventory with the office first – giving your customer the opportunity to wriggle off the hook.

Here’s the TIP:  Before you hit the road, print a current and accurate inventory list of your equipment (with a thumbnail photo option) quickly and easily with Point2 Manager.  You can sort the information in different ways and refine the list to include only the units that interest you.  These lists can be emailed, faxed and save to your desktop as well, and like many of the other Point2 tools, it only requires a few clicks of the mouse.  (No typing!) 

Take this one step further and install Point2 LARGO on a PDA with all your inventory (details, features and up to EIGHT PHOTOS) – now that’s power at your finger tips.

Give me a call me if you have any questions on inventory lists or any of the other marketing tools available in Point2 Manager.

Eve Marshall

Point2Manager Client Support eve @ point2.com 888-955-7900 306-955-1855




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